Web design is often more than you can realize.

1. Conception

Together with you we will find a suitable solution for your website. This is followed by the creation of the layout, to give you a feeling for your new homepage. Our work is based on the usual techniques on the Web: HTML, PHP, CSS, JS and jQuery.

2. Creation

Installation, configuration, template creation and the integration of in your content. Everything is supplied from a single source. Whether content management systems, online shops or other PHP-based solutions, we put them to work with you.

3. Service

After project completion, we will not leave you alone. We offer backups, updates and the service and creation of images and texts at monthly rates. We place great emphasis on long and successful relationships with our customers.

CMS - Homepage - Website

We work primarily with Websitebaker as a content management system. It has established itself as a system that is easy to use by customers, very light and flexible enough to bring even difficult projects successfully to completion. On request, we will support other PHP based CMS.

Onlineshop - eCommerce

Whether B2B or B2C, Prestashop, with its variety of modules is the best basis for an online shop. We use it therefor for large e-commerce projects. For small shops we are offering a solution that is based on the CMS Websitebaker: Bakery, it is small, lightweight and easy to use.

SEO - Analytics - Webmastertools

The little helpers of the net are not unfamiliar to us. We will advise you of what is really meaningful for you and then create the best solution for you. We prepare each project under the guidance of Google SEO. Unlike some of our competitors, this comes at no additional cost to you.